Hello! I'm Nik the software developer who lives in Jersey City, NJ and working for Google in New York, NY.

As a full-stack developer, I like getting into all areas of a project, wether it's on the front-end or way back in the bowels of a database. One consequence of this is that I'm always needing to learn new skills and tricks, but luckily love digging into something new and making it work.


Being new to Google, my time is largely spent learning the various tools and methods for how things are done efficiently at huge scale.

When I'm not at work, I'm watching my favorite hockey team, the Columbus Blue Jackets, or I'm trying a new recipe or exploring New York City. You might event see me out on a bike every now and then.

What follows is essentially the catalog of my professional life; the things I'm working on right now or have in the past are all listed below and linked to when possible. If you'd like to get in touch with me, there's a form at the bottom of the page.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Community-driven project in Ypsilanti, MI to promote solar panels (here and on Github)

The goal of this website is to aggregate information about solar panels and make it readily available to any and all who are interested in this alternative energy source.

Started back as early as 2006, the SolarYpsi group aims to put solar panels on as many roofs as they can within Ypsilanti, MI. Originally envisioned by Dave Strenski, the group has grown in size and popularity over the years. There are currently more than 30 locations that are part of SolarYpsi.

In 2009 I volunteered to help build a website for this project with a simple request: See a cloud. Dave wanted to have the output of the panels tracked online in real-time and he wanted to look at a graph and see when a cloud had passed over the panels. Over the next few months we made it so; getting solar panel output data collected and charted on the site.

Unfortunately, our original data collection process was foiled by the power company when they installed new meters on the buildings back in 2011. Today we do still have some data available, but it's collected in a different way. We are still working on ways to get more data collected and displayed, even as more buildings in Ypsi install solar panels.


HTML validator for AngularJS projects (on Github) Project Build Status Dependency Status Dev Dependency Status

A grunt plugin that performs W3C validation on HTML files for AngularJS projects. While other HTML validators exist for grunt, none work well with Angular projects because these projects include non-standard tags and attributes. They upset the validator and this project works around that while still providing the benefits of HTML validation.


Software Engineer, Google

New York, NY (July 2014 - Present)

  • Team member of Google Wallet backend team (July 2014 - Present)
    • Refactored asynchronous processing server to create horizontally scalable architecture. Additional servers launched; achieving necessary redundancy and reliability. The refactor fixed issues with multi-threading and reduced database calls by simplifying the event retrieval process.
    • Designed and built canary servers for both the asynchronous processing server and API server. Updated release for canary servers and created team plan for new release process.
    • Maintained and improved production and sandbox infrastructure. Worked closely with Site Reliabilty Engineers at times to improve service performance and reliability.
    • Developed fixes and improvements with Java and Guice. Researched and responded to user-facing issues and regularly released new code in the production environment. Spent time on on-call rotations responding to any issue at any time.

Software Engineer, Amplify (a News Corp company)

Brooklyn, NY (December 2012 - July 2014)

  • Worked on the design and development of a social learning platform for teachers and students. Utilized Scala/Play to develop a RESTful API on top of MongoDB, architected an AngularJS front-end, and performed DevOps duties within an AWS hosting environment. The product featured a newsfeed of posts, forums, announcements, and a content library; all were organized around a flexible group model.
  • Developed pieces of an education assessment reporting platform, focusing on a Python Pyramid server and Javascript web client. Coorelated the data interchange format between vendors to support receiving assessment data.
  • Led the development of a fixture data generation tool. Written in Python with MongoDB, it generated realistic test education data in a flexible manner that allowed various teams to create specific enrollment and assessment data to test with.
  • Designed and implemented various parts of the Achievement Reporting and Innovation System (ARIS) for the NYC Dept. of Ed., handling the Java/Spring and Drupal CMS websites. Collaborated with DOE staff to gather requirements for a system enhancement to support Common Core assessment data. The system provided administrators, teachers, and parents access to student data to help improve education outcomes.

Software Engineer, Tarigma Corporation

Columbus, OH (May 2006 - December 2012)

  • Designed and implemented an intranet web portal in Java/Spring and MSSQL to provide access to raw and aggregated data collected from the electrical grid. Windows services written in C++ interfaced with grid equipment in different ways, including serial screen scraping and FTP, to collect the data and send it to the central server.
  • Constructed a client-side jQuery web page to verify and commission an electrical relay that shipped as part of the relay‚Äôs firmware.
  • Continued development of a C# .NET Windows desktop application to manage the configuration of web-connected backup batteries.
  • Wrote client-ready documentation covering system upgrades and usage.

Student Employee, Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, MI (September 2007 - April 2011)

  • Researched a system to help students with reading disabilities by performing extractive text summarization in an effort to reduce the amount of text and highlight important concepts. Evaluated the results of various algorithms and built a web interface for the system.
  • Assisted students during laboratory sessions with assignments and grading other assignments for the professor.
  • Migrated websites for various university departments to a new design template. Updated content on the websites during the migration.

Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Eastern Michigan University

GPA 4.00, September 2010 - April 2011

Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science

Eastern Michigan University

GPA 3.74, September 2007 - June 2010


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